'22 Jump Street' Red Band: Channing Tatum Is Your Best Nightmare

Plus, bonus bean bags chairs, hot plates and hilarious shirts all around!

They're back to f--- science again: The latest red band trailer for the upcoming "22 Jump Street" has hit the web, and it's a doozy.

The gang's all back, from the crack-finding crack team of Jenko (Channing Tatum) and Schmidt (Jonah Hill), who are shown in couples therapy discovering the importance of interlacing their fingers while holding hands because of course they are, along with fearless leader Captain Dickston (Ice Cube). Even Eric (Dave Franco), now behind bars after the shenanigans of "21 Jump Street," makes an appearance. Hurrah!

Jenko and Schmidt go undercover to take on a new case on a college campus, because, hey, you can't pretend to be a high schooler when you're clearly a man closer to middle age than teenagerdom forever. Armed with bean bag chairs, a hot plate and a "hilarious shirt" with a beer joke on it, the duo set out to become the big men on campus. Can they find their perp and party at the same time?

We'll find out when "22 Jump Street," directed by Christopher Miller and Phil Lord, hits theaters on June 6.

And, bonus, Schmidt sees a little bit of action with ladies. Which he tells us all about in this restricted trailer, naturally.

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