Meet The 11 Hangout Festival Acts We Definitely Want To Party With

Start hydrating.

Hangout Fest is mere days away and we're getting primed and ready to have fun in the sun, party hearty and a passel of other things that Dads say about having a good time. Stoked!

In anticipation of the big days (or daze) we assembled a list of Hangout bands we'd most like to hang out with (get it?!) and what kind of party we think they'd throw.

Check it:

1). Party In The Woods

Remember those parties you used to have in high school -- the ones that took place behind someone's barn in the woods and included all manner of bad decisions? (We're assuming you were cool in high school, which may be a fallacy.)

Obviously, the Black Lips are down for that. Listen to the above song for tips (on how to not take it too far).

2). Cocktail Party

Didn't fancy cocktail parties back in the olden days feature things like hypnotists and seances and whatnot? You know, throwing one's head back and laughing while imbibing a martini and Jitterbugging with ghosts? Is that a thing? Are we making this up? Either way...

We could totally see the Black Keys throwing such a bash with the dude in the video up yonder. He seems like real card.

3). Pool Party

The Flaming Lips' shows come complete with pool toys. They have this on lock.

4). Book Party

From name-dropping the book "Things Fall Apart" to penning his own screenplay along with Because The Internet, Childish Gambino is pretty literary and therefore the perfect dude to host a book-themed salon.

We hope he invites Abed to this festive study sesh.

5). Movie Party

The 1975 take a lot of inspiration for their tunes from watching films, which is cool because there's little else we'd rather do than sit in the dark with these dudes. Pass the popcorn.

6). Child's Birthday Party

Portugal. The Man's music may not be quite appropriate for kids, but singer John Gourley's trippy art would make for some awesome face-paintings sessions.

I want a star sprouting 3 heads, John!

7). Dance Party

Every groove session should come with a full fleet of Le1f's background dancers -- and those shoes.

8). Warehouse Party

What better band to throw a sweat-to-the-walls warehouse bash than Diarrhea Planet? The unsanitary-ness is right there in the name! (Also, these dudes sound really good reverberating on concrete.)

9). Christmas Party

Christmas is, like, 6ish months away, but let's celebrate early to fight off the impending heat waves. We've got the perfect hosts, too: The Killers. They have a surfeit of festive sweaters from all those holiday videos they've done in the past. Done deal.

10). Munchie Party

If anyone wants to just chill, stare at some shiny things and eat some snacks, well, Wiz Khalifa would probably be down.

11). Party Party

Did someone say "party"? Andrew W.K. will be there. Yesterday.

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