The 21 Most Pimped Out Movie Cars

Someone should put these all in an xzibit.

When you're talking about real life? A vehicle has to get you from one place to another. On screen is something else entirely, as you have the opportunity to do up your ride in ways that most normal drivers can only imagine.

Here's the 21 most insane, over-the-top (and awesome) vehicles in movie history.

Lexus 2054, "Minority Report"


Here's one cool car you never saw coming.

The Tucker Torpedo, "Tucker"

Tucker The Man And His Dream

It's got a trunk in the front!

The Hornetmobile, "The Green Hornet"

Green Hornet

...Probably not the actual name of the vehicle.

Mutts Cutts Van, "Dumb & Dumber"

Dumb and Dumber

We just want to rub our faces on this fuzzy van.

Christine, "Christine"


Does being possessed by a demon count as being pimped out? Sure, why not.

Buck's Pussy Wagon, "Kill Bill"

Kill Bill

His name is Buck, and he likes to truck.

Interceptor, "Mad Max"

Mad Max

We'll see more insane rides in 2015's "Mad Max: Fury Road," but the classic is still the best.

Greased Lightning, "Grease"


So souped up and pimped out, it got its own song.

Optimus Prime, "Transformers"

Paramount Pictures


Is it racist to call Optimus Prime a vehicle, since he can walk and talk 50 percent of the time?

Chevy Nova, "Death Proof"

Death Proof

Sweet skull dude.

Deathmobile, "Animal House"

Animal House

Same. #skullz

Fozzie's Studebaker, "The Muppet Movie"

The Muppet Movie

It may start as a wreck, but it ends the movie as a magical vehicle that can drive on rainbows.

Aston Martin, "Skyfall"


Bonds may change, but the classic, souped up, weaponized car remains the same.

AMC Pacer, "Good Burger"

Good Burger

This mixes our two favorite things, cars and burgers.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Flying car alert.

The Mach 5, "Speed Racer"

Speed Racer

Go Speed Racer, go!

Toretto's Charger, "Fast Five"

Fast Five

If this souped up Charger was a person, we'd make it a member of our family.

The DeLorean, "Back To The Future"

Back To The Future

Mr. Fusion for the win.

The Batmobile, "Batman"

Warner Bros.


Later models got mired in the ostentatious, but the original is always the best.

Ecto-1, "Ghostbusters"

Ecto-1 Ghostbusters

Who you gonna drive?

The Tumbler, "Batman Begins"

Tumbler - Batman Begins

Does it come in black? Oh wait, yes it does. It also comes in the most awesome, insane movie car of all time.

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