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T.I., Chris Brown Talk Possible 'Takers' Prequel

'There are definitely whispers around the studio about that,' Tip tells MTV News of the heist flick.

The advance hype for the action-thriller "Takers" will be answered on Friday when the ensemble-powered picture opens in theaters. But the early reaction from fans during preliminary screenings of the movie this summer has been so positive, that a follow-up is already being discussed among the castmembers and the film studio. And if the Takers do get a green light for another adventure, it looks like it would be a prequel rather than a sequel.

"There are definitely whispers around the studio about that," [article id="1646291"]T.I., a star of and producer[/article] on the movie, told MTV News recently in LA. "Some phone calls have been made about that. But ultimately, it depends on what happens on August the 27th."

[article id="1646413"]"Takers" co-star Chris Brown[/article] also pulls double duty, grabbing an executive producer credit. Breezy plays one of the members of [article id="1646425"]Tip's team of bank robbers[/article], and he told us an onscreen origin story is something he's looking forward to.

"I think it would be good," Brown said. "There's more stuff we can add, be hands on with it. For me, I think this movie is going to be great. It's more of a story you can tell, a lot more action. You know, when you do prequels, they always bring more stuff than the last one. That's what make people want to see it."

Michael Ealy plays Brown's big brother in the film, and his character is also on the criminal squad. Ealy said he would also be curious to find out how this dapper band of thieves came together, a question that isn't fully answered in the movie.

"I just wanna see how this eclectic group of people got together," Ealy explained. "It's interesting. We talk about backstory [a little bit], but how did this British guy, this guy from the South and this surfer guy, how did they all come together to form this crew? That's going to be interesting to see, if it all comes together."

Idris Elba, Hayden Christensen and Paul Walker round out the crew of bank robbers, while [article id="1646476"]Matt Dillon and Jay Hernandez[/article] play the detectives in pursuit of the Takers.

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