Mariah Carey Has A Parade Of Subway Dancers Behind Her In 'A No No' Video

Featuring a goldfish with killer moves

Mariah Carey has released the video for "A No No," a nostalgic anthem from her 2018 album CautionThere's something absolutely retro about the song's sonic similarities to Lil' Kim's "Crush On You," which it samples, that drenches the listener in an early internet-era atmosphere. It's an aesthetic that the visual retains with a beautiful subway presence that entertains from the opening seconds throughout. You'll want to get up and dance after seeing the energy expended in this video.

"A No No" takes place in a subway car where graffiti is etched on metal seat dividers and Carey, with her shimmering hair and blinding smile, sits comfortably, undeterred by her surroundings. Behind her is a cavalcade of dancing people of all shapes, colors, and sizes. The camaraderie here is amazing; bodies jolt and snap to the charged production and Mariah's vocals as the group behind them amps them up with waved hands and excited smiles.

At one point, a guy gets up and makes a goldfish (don't worry: it's submerged in water) do a couple of dance moves by gently swirling its bowl. It's a truly beautiful scene. Many of the dancers get a chance to get one on one time with the camera, moving close to show off the extent of their dance skills and their pearly whites. Carey lets the others have the spotlight while she stands to the side and serves look after look in her furry coat and sensual dress, accentuating the curves that have made her a sex symbol since the 1990s.

"A No No" is the third video released from Caution following "GTFO" and the Mustard-assisted "With You." She's currently in the midst of the North American leg of the Caution World Tour that ends in April. In May, she will begin on the European leg.

Take a look at the dance-fest visual up above.

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