'Real World' Excitement: We're Remembering When The Roomies First Entered Their New Homes

There's nothing quite like Day 1 on the iconic series

Even though Real World has evolved through its 25 years on MTV, the moment the roommates all meet and run around their glamorous house for the first time has remained the same. And as any loyalist understands, it's a pivotal part of each season.

There's nothing quite like that Day 1 on the long-running program: There's fascination exploring the brand-new surroundings (hot tubs! pool tables! themed bedrooms!), inaugural impressions of their cohorts (hugs and handshakes before the judgments begin) and a general soaking-in of everything before this new reality becomes the new norm for a specific period of time. Season 1 veteran Eric Nies summed it up best.

"When I walked through the door, I saw a new world," he stated.

In honor of the show's 25th anniversary (it's on May 21), we're taking a fond look back at the cast members' elation as they entered their respective abodes. From Coral to Frankie, Mike (before he became The Miz) and (free) Brad, the excitement is palpable -- and it's impossible not to feel the same sentiment as the wide-eyed young adults.

Enjoy the video above, be sure to share your favorite Real World memories in the comments and stay with MTV News for more coverage surrounding this momentous small-screen occasion.

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