How Did Jordan's Opinion Of Turbo Change After Their 'Challenge' Beef?

The 'war' between the two is over -- for now

Jordan has quarreled with several notable players throughout his Challenge history -- CT on Free Agents, Bananas on Season 25 as well as Battle of the Exes 2, and, on tonight's War of the Worlds 2 episode, Turbo.

What set off the Team U.S. members? Shortly after the Yanks secured their sixth team victory in "Resilient River Run," the reigning champ kicked a relic, which just happened to be a key component of the day's game (the winners had to secure the oversized object first on a podium at the finish line). This action frustrated Jordan, so he went up to Turbo and yelled at him to stop. Turbo swiftly took action and pushed the two-time winner.

12 turbo kick

"Don't you f*cking touch him!" Jordan's girlfriend screamed at Turbo as security rushed the trio.

Even though the bickering players were separated, the insults ensued. Jordan declared, "That's all he kicks" after Turbo again kicked the relic, while Turbo insisted that Jordan was a "little bitch."

After everyone calmed down, Zach was selected as the Speaker, and he picked Turbo and Tori to round out the awkward Tribunal. And even though Turbo was gunning for Jordan and planned to vote him in to the Proving Ground, the two men were able to squash this beef. Jordan expressed remorse for "coming in hot" and Turbo said they "fixed the problem," but how did Jordan's views of Turbo change after this incident?

"It really opened my eyes," Jordan recently told MTV News. "I was like 'Wow, this guy can't control himself.' Someone who trains mixed martial arts and fighting, one of the first things you learn in any level of competition is composure. You don't let the other people rile you up. You don't let the opponent get you out of your game -- especially with mixed martial arts. Turbo's entire reputation is based on his mixed martial arts background. This game is a little bit different, because you have to follow rules."

Can they work together on Team U.S. or not? Are their fighting ways history, or will history repeat itself? Give your predictions, and keep watching the pair -- and the rest of the cast -- every Wednesday on War of The Worlds 2 at 9/8c!

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