Did Jordan Really Make The 'Biggest Bonehead Move' In 'Challenge' History?

The former finalist's plan to take out Johnny Bananas majorly backfired.

Jordan wanted a big fight, and on tonight's "Free Agents" episode, he got precisely that. After weeks of declaring himself superior to nemesis Johnny Bananas and assuring anyone in earshot that he'd easily take JB out in an elimination round, Jordan was finally given the chance to put his money where his mouth was, but ultimately, it was Bananas who ate up the cash.

In "Sausage Party," competitors were challenged to roll through a food-stained obstacle course while completely bound by plastic wrap. When Jordan saw that his good "Portland" pal, (the other) Johnny, was in the lead, and that JB, who'd be eligible for an elimination round without a win, wasn't far behind, Jordan decided to stay toward the back of the group and sentence himself to The Draw. In his eyes, if Johnny voted in JB, Jordan could approach The Draw first, flip over each card and guarantee himself a spot in a face-off with Bananas. Still, he had his reservations.

"I'm probably setting myself up for the biggest bonehead move in 'Challenge' history," he said to Laurel as he mulled over his master plan.

Jordan's scheme worked, and when he got to the elimination round, he puffed out his chest, strapped on his helmet and went for it. At first, he and Bananas were neck and neck while ascending "Wrecking Wall," but at some point in the heat of the action, Jordan lost his footing, fell to the ground and JB hit the victory bell with a particular vigor.

"Jordan's major handicap isn't his hand, it's his pride," CT observed, and as Jordan embarked on the dreaded walk of shame, it seemed like CT might have been right.

Still, Jordan very well could have won with a few minor adjustments, or with a different competition (as Johnny pointed out, "Wrecking Wall" wasn't really Jordan's game of choice). So, do you think his final flip was really the biggest blunder across 25 seasons, or was his assessment exaggerated?

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