'Lakeview Terrace' Reigns Over Slow Box-Office Weekend

'My Best Friend's Girl,' 'Igor' also debut in top five.

The Box-Office Top Five

#1 "Lakeview Terrace" ($15.6 million)

#2 "Burn After Reading" ($11.3 million)

#3 "My Best Friend's Girl" ($8.3 million)

#4 "Igor" ($8 million)

#5 "Righteous Kill" ($7.7 million)

Even the biggest, baddest motherfarker on the block doesn't have much to crow about this week. "Lakeview Terrace," the new domestic thriller starring Samuel L. Jackson and Patrick Wilson as warring neighbors, won the weekend in convincing, if not spectacular, fashion, making $15.6 million in the United States and What (which ain't no country I ever heard of). Sure, Jackson gets the crown against the field, but isn't that a little like being valedictorian of summer school? I mean, is $15.6 million anything to brag about? OK, OK, Sam. You're the champ. Now enough with the yelling. (Seriously, though, enough with the yelling. You're almost 60 years old, dude. Calm down.)

In second place, "Burn After Reading" notched another $11.3 million in its second week, bringing its overall total to a healthy $36.4 million. Nothing snarky to say here: Star Brad Pitt recently donated a hefty sum to support gay marriage. Good on him.

"My Best Friend's Girl," starring Kate Hudson, Dane Cook and Jason Biggs, followed in third place, earning $8.3 million in its debut frame. All fine and good, but here's my question: Movie Web site -- which is owned by AOL, which is itself owned by Time Warner Inc., which is the largest media company in the world -- used the word "douche" three times in their review of the film? When did that word become acceptable to use in public forums? And why didn't I get the memo?

The animated film "Igor," featuring the voice talents of John Cusack and Molly Shannon, scared up $8 million to finish in fourth place. With $7.7 million, "Righteous Kill," starring Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, rounded out the top five. Forget "Righteous Kill" -- how about a "Mercy Kill" for my memory of these two acting giants? (Am I right or am I right?)

Among other new releases, "Ghost Town" tanked, earning just $5.2 million to come in eighth place, at long last answering the question: What happens when you pair the world's funniest man (Ricky Gervais) with the guy who wrote the [article id="1594844"]nuking-the-fridge scene[/article] in "Indiana Jones"?

Upcoming Releases

Speaking of nuking the fridge, Shia LaBeouf is back to prove he can carry a film all by himself -- without all those giant robots and whatnot -- with the release of the technological thriller "Eagle Eye." Spike Lee, meanwhile, is going to battle Clint Eastwood. Just because, that's why. Lee's "Miracle at St. Anna" fights its way into 1,100 theaters. Also opening for the old peeps in the crowd is Eastwood's "Nights in Rodanthe," starring Richard Gere and Diane Lane.

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