This Jetpack For Running Has Us Psyched For The Future

Imagine a world where everyone can run four-minute miles, because everyone is basically Iron Man.

When you think about it, it’s frankly insulting that the year is 2014 and we’re STILL not able to fly around on fiery jetpacks, like the Spy Kids...



But a team of researchers from Arizona State University has brought us one step closer to that feat by coming up with the raddest invention ever: A jet pack for running. The contraption is called the "4MM," because it’s designed with the goal of having the wearer run a four-minute mile. It weighs a fairly hefty 11 pounds, and looks like a bionic backpack -- check out the official video:

So does it actually work? Researchers are still making it lighter and more efficient, but they did a test in which a subject trimmed about 20 seconds off his running time. All in all, it sounds pretty promising, especially when you consider its ultimate objective: The 4MM is being designed with soldiers in mind, potentially to save their lives when they’re put in dangerous situations and need to escape quickly.

That’s all well and good, except we’d still secretly like to see Usain Bolt sprint with one of these things. Just try to imagine what that kind of mind-boggling speed would be like.



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