Christy Carlson Romano Is Not Here For Unrealistic Post-Baby Body Expectations

'My body will be where I want it to be on my timeline'

Former Disney Channel star Christy Carlson Romano and husband Brendan Rooney quietly welcomed their first child, Isabella Victoria, on Christmas Eve in 2016. Two months later, Romano is loving motherhood and proudly "soaking up these precious moments with [her] daughter." Though the Even Stevens actress and Broadway star hasn't shared a pic of her little girl yet, she did take to Instagram Friday (February 17) to post a vital message.

"This is me [two] months postpartum," she began. "No fancy outfits or filters. It's so important for people to see motherhood for the beauty of what it really is. It's a massive thing to carry a human inside you! It's not that easy to 'bounce back' right away and it shouldn't be expected."

Romano also said, "My body will be where I want it to be on my timeline," which is exactly how it should be. With all the pressure society puts on people, especially women, it's nice to see celebs who won't conform to ridiculous body standards and just love who they are instead.

But we do have to ask: Will baby Isabella rock this "A+" Ren Stevens outfit sometime in the near future? Please say yes.