Alex And Juliette May Be Dethroned As King And Queen Of 'Siesta Key'

Watch your backs, guys -- Jared and Cara are coming for you

Alex and Juliette are the unofficial king and queen of Siesta Key -- but their royal status may soon be in doubt.

Season 2 of the docu-series, debuting one week from today, will see the couple face some competition. Specifically, newbie Cara may steal Juliette's crown (she's Alex's "gorgeous" ex-girlfriend) and new guy Jared could take Alex's throne (they apparently "hate each other"). Ahhh, rivalries are alive and well in this beautiful town.

"You're half deaf, half rude and mostly stupid," Juliette yells at Cara in the video above. Safe to say these two won't be besties.

But what does Cara have to say about Juliette? And how do Alex and Jared squabble? Watch the clips to see more, and do not miss the two-hour premiere of Siesta Key on Tuesday, January 22 (following a brand-new episode of Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club).