Which 'Fear The Walking Dead' Characters Would Rick And Carol Murder Immediately?

Rick Grimes and Carol Peletier do not suffer fools... so which "Fear" stars are the fools?

We're totally loving the slow build-up and and fascinating character dynamics on "Fear the Walking Dead," but let's be real, here -- the season finale is this Sunday, and only one character (Kim Dickens' Madison Clark) has bashed some zombie brains in. This works in the show's currently relatively safe Los Angeles enclave, but what in Carl's name would happen if the whole "FtWD" Clark-Manawa squad were to be suddenly transported, "Once Upon a Time"-style, to the significantly tougher world of the OG "Walking Dead?"

Would they fit in seamlessly, Tara-style? Or would seasoned killers like Rick (Andrew Lincoln) or Carol (Melissa McBride) make the tough decision to take them down? This will obviously never happen since air travel in "Walking Dead"-land is currently nonexistent, but here's what we think (or know) would happen if the two AMC hits suddenly crossed over:

Madison Clark: Spared and accepted into the Grimes Gang.

Justina Mintz/AMC


It probably goes without saying that Madison is the most likely candidate to fit in with the Grimes Gang, seamlessly. She's literally the only member of the Clark-Manawa crew to have killed a zombie by the end of season one -- which she did using pure instinct, btw, as no one knew about the whole "shot to the head" thing when she offed Principal Art -- but she's also the right mix of loyal and pragmatic. She wouldn't only not be killed by Rick and Carol, she'd grow to earn their trust and respect in no time flat.

Travis Manawa: Spared, but left to his own devices.



Travis has all of Madison's heart, but without her ability to see things for how they truly are when sh-t gets difficult. He'd do fine within the walls of Alexandria, but if Rick and Carol ran into him on the road, it's tough to tell whether they'd welcome him to the gang. Methinks he'd fail the three questions test and be left to suffer on his own.

Daniel Salazar: Killed by Rick.

Justina Mintz/AMC


Rick would see Daniel as both a personal threat to his leadership and a general threat to the Gang, since he's already proven that he's ready to torture folks at the drop of a hat. This doesn't mean he's not worthy of survival post-apocalypse -- in fact, of the Clark-Manawa squad, he's the most prepared -- but Rick would definitely have issues gelling with a somewhat immovable alpha male like Daniel.

Nick Clark: Killed by Carol.



Are you kidding? Carol would take one look at Nick, determine that the selfish nature of his addiction would make him a threat to the Gang, and kill him in his sleep -- making it look like an overdose, of course. That's just how Carol rolls.

Alicia Clark: Spared, but left to her own devices.



Neither Carol nor Rick would be filled with an overwhelming desire to kill her, but unless she shapes up soon, it's unlikely that they'd ever her join the gang. Some people are just not meant for a post-apocalyptic world, and Alicia has not yet done anything to convince us that she's useful. (Sorry, girl -- you're a badass on "The 100!")

Liza Ortiz: Killed by Carol.

Justina Mintz/AMC


This may seem like a long shot, but hear me out -- how do you think our girl Carol, who murdered two people just for having the flu, would feel about keeping someone around who lied about her medical experience? Would she be willing to entrust the lives of Glenn, Maggie and more to someone who lied not to survive, but to make herself feel useful in this strange and terrifying new world?

Ofelia Salazar: Spared, and accepted into the Grimes Gang.

Justina Mintz/AMC


Sure, she might seem entirely non-violent and even downright dainty, but something tells us Ofelia has more of her father in her than one might think. However, she's also proven herself to be much more capable of empathy and forward-thinking, so she'd fit in with Rick and Carol's squad just fine.

Chris Manawa: Killed by Carl, LOL.

Justina Mintz/AMC


Carl would take one look at this painfully pre-apocalyptic teen and feed him a spoonful of poisoned pudding. (And for more of what "Fear the Walking Dead" would look like with more of Chandler Riggs' lovable rascal, click here!)