Asher Roth And Kid Cudi Give Their Picks For Hottest MCs List

Plus: You weigh in on whether the rookie duo should make the cut.

Last week, we asked you whether [article id="1619793"]Kid Cudi or Asher Roth[/article] had the chops to make it onto our 2009 Hottest MCs in the Game list. (To see what it takes to make the list, check out our [article id="1619273"]Hottest MCs criteria[/article].)

Reader SwiQu weighed in on "All that I have to say is that Kid Cudi is really, truly an amazing artist. And he's so much more than 'Day N Nite'! If you just sit down and listen to his other material, then you would understand. I kind of pushed him aside when I first heard his sound, but then I actually just sat down and listened to his other stuff, and I absolutely fell in love. He's way talented, über creative and brings so much eclecticism to the 'game' that he just shouts superiority. Plain and simple, I love his music!"

A reader simply named B said those two freshmen shouldn't make the list, but a couple of their peers -- Bobby Ray and Wale -- should. "Neither one could [make the list]," B said. "What's Asher bringing to 'the game'? More tired raps on weed smoking. Nothing special. 'I Love College' can't even be described as a hip-hop song. Likewise, Cudi isn't necessarily a 'hip-hop' artist either. 'Day N Nite' is a house jam, in fact most of his music is. People seem to think because his lyrics have some rhyme in them that he's a rapper. I wouldn't say this is true. Wale and B.o.B (who we should be calling Bobby Ray now) could definitely make the Hottest MCs list, though."

Well, B, Asher and Cudi agree with your assessment -- about Wale and Bobby making the list, not about them not making it.

"I'm a big fan of Blu, I'm a big fan of B.o.B," Roth told us of his choices for Hottest MCs. "I'll leave it at that."

"Definitely Wale," Cudi said. "He's very witty when he writes. Sometimes he may not be so straightforward when he writes. I think he does that on purpose. Another artist is Chip the Ripper out of Cleveland. He's another person who puts the words together as far as saying the wittiest things but almost makes you say, 'Man, that's an ill line.' He's definitely my top five to make it."

Who do you think is the Hottest MC in the Game? Don't forget to vote from now through September 21 to have your voice heard.