Britney Spears' Purported Demo Of Lady Gaga's 'Telephone' Leaks

Gaga allegedly wrote song for Spears, but track's authenticity is in doubt.

According to rumors, before recording [article id="1633858"]"Telephone" herself[/article] and making its WTF-tastic video with Beyoncé, a pre-fame [artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist] wrote the song for [artist id="501686"]Britney Spears[/artist]. Though Britney never recorded a finished version of the song -- as far as we know -- a purported demo leaked over the weekend in which Spears takes a swing at the tune.

At press time MTV News had not received responses from either camp about the authenticity of the leaked demo, which first popped up on the site The track is remarkably similar to the finished version, with Britney singing in the same stuttered, AutoTuned voice as Gaga on the finished product. At points during the chorus, Britney's multi-tracked vocals take on a high, Madonna-esque tone.

The track has spare instrumentation, with gently plucked strings in the intro that are overtaken by the same driving beat and swirling synths as the finished recording in Gaga's The Fame Monster. The busy dial tones and the "not in service" message at the end are also in place, but in general, the demo lacks the punch of Gaga's version.

Though Spears has not weighed in on the controversy, one of the singer's fan sites, World of Britney, has thrown water on the alleged demo rumors. "There was almost no AutoTune in the actual song," World of Britney tweeted on Sunday, with several adamant follow-ups. "It was raw vocals and that isn't the song. Those of you who have ears can hear it's not B."

Do you think it's Britney on the demo? How does it compare to the finished Gaga product? Share your theories and reviews in the comments below.

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