Snooki & JWOWW? Daria & Jane? Vote For Your Favorite MTV BFFs!


In the grand scheme of friendship, the coveted BFF title is not something to be taken lightly. It's a role you sometimes stumble upon by chance, but must strive hard to maintain. We've seen Snooki and JWOWW grow from strangers to inseparable besties over the last four years, and despite being put through the ringer countless times (we'll never forget you, Cancun!), this duo has remained rock solid, proving to the world they're more than just party pals. In honor of their fiercely loyal friendship and the season finale of "Snooki & JWOWW," we've highlighted six (and a half) other MTV BFFs below that have withstood the test of time -- tell us which is your favorite pair!

Jenna and Tamara BFFJennaTamara

Friends must always be there to get you through anything, especially if your life has a tendency to take some unexpected turns. When it seems like everyone believes you're an "Awkward," suicidal weirdo -- and even your mom is anonymously writing you cruel notes -- it's essential to have someone like Tamara in your corner. Her mile-a-minute gabbing is enough to make anyone forget their troubles, and the sheer force of her fearlessness is empowering. Sure, she'll make out with your ex-boyfriend once in a while, but nobody claimed friendship was a science, people.

Arissa and IrulanBFFArissaIrulan

The "Real World" house can easily become a hotbed of competition over guys, camera time and butts, but Arissa and Irulan quickly formed a lasting friendship in "Las Vegas," despite having the odds stacked against them. These two city girls bonded almost immediately upon entering their Palms suite, and cemented their BFFship through rolling their eyes at unwanted male attention, laughing at their roommates' drama and being genuinely there for one another through all the Sin City ups and downs.

Ali and AleeahBFFAliAleeah

Friendships that begin in the womb often provide the strongest bonds, as evidenced by the super-tight relationship between Leah's adorable twin girls on "Teen Mom 2." Whether they're screaming in unison at a restaurant, chilling out in the back of Corey's truck or giving each other a sweet hug, they'll always be a built-in support system for one another. Their new baby sis Adalynn is in great hands!

Lauren and LoBFFLaurenLo

Lauren Conrad has had a number of BFFs in her day, but nobody's had her back as long as Lo. The pair, whose friendship spans TWO MTV series, originating on "Laguna Beach" and remaining solid through many seasons of "The Hills," have virtually everything in common, from their golden locks, to their mutual love of the left coast and even their first name. So much for that whole "opposites attract" thing.

K-Cav and StacieBFFStacieKCav The Bartender

There's nothing like developing reputations as Grade-A s**t-starters to get two girls thick as thieves in no time. Both Kristin and Stacie were the target of boyfriend-stealing rumors during their tenure on "The Hills," but out of the spotlight, the pair have both quit sowing their wild oats, with K-Cav choosing mommyhood over margaritas and being a bridesmaid at Stacie's wedding. These two, like Nicole and Jenni, have managed to make their friendship transcend well past their party days.

Daria and JaneBFFDariaJane

For most BFFs, shared interests are key. For "Daria" and Jane, those commonalities consisted almost entirely of hating every and anything -- more specifically, everyone at Lawndale High. The cynical buds were too smart for their own good, and reveled in their collective disdain for their peers, but that didn't make them immune to fights. Yup, even the smart chicks get caught up in love triangles, as we learned when Jane's ex, Tom, got together with Daria.

Honorable Mention: Snooki and Her PoufBFFSnookiPouf

As the saying goes, nothing worth doing is ever easy, and there was no slacking when it came to Snooks' trademark style back in her early "Jersey Shore" days. While The Pouf only makes rare appearances atop Nicole's head these days, we know the new mom will always cherish the gravity-defying 'do that cushioned many a drunken fall and served as an extra pillow during a few cold and lonely nights.

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