This Kendall Jenner Video Proves NYFW Isn't As Glamorous As You Think

As one of the most popular models in the fashion industry, it comes as no surprise that Kendall Jenner has had a busy New York Fashion Week. It's so busy, in fact, that she has no time for personal grooming.

On Sunday (Sept. 13), Kendall shared this video on Instagram of herself shaving in the back of a car. Seriously. In one hand she holds a bottle of Fiji Water, in the other is a razor. In the caption, Kendall reveals why she's taken such drastic measures, writing, "so much fashion, not enough week #YouGottaDoWhatYouGottaDo."

It's true—between walking in multiple shows—Givenchy and Diane Von Furstenberg included—and, y'know, attending parties, there simply isn't enough week. With a few days left—not to mention London, Paris, and Milan Fashion Weeks—Kendall will be able to hone her multi-tasking skills even further.

Having too much fashion and not enough week may mean getting creative with normally routine habits, but it also means you're doing something right—keep up the good work, Kendall.

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