Rihanna And Her Nipples Are Having A Shirtless Moment ... Again

A look back at Rih Rih's topless moments in 2014.

At this point, there's a good chance that your mom, dentist, high-school physics teacher and, hell, probably even your pet fish have already seen Rihanna in various states of sexy undress (thanks to Instagram and many, many magazine covers), but Rih Rih really took it all off for her new Lui cover spread. Rihanna appears topless ‒ actually topless, unless you count a nipple ring as cover up ‒ on the cover of the French magazine's new issue.

The image was so racy that she was forced to remove it from Instagram, but that didn't stop her from heading over to Twitter and sharing all of the uncensored photos again. So, in honor of Rihanna completely shedding clothes on the top half, we're taking a look back at some of her best boob-baring moments of 2014.

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Vogue Brasil

Rih was clearly thrilled about landing her Vogue cover feature, sharing multiple shots on Instagram when she finally got the greenlight. The "hands over boobs" shot was our favorite, though.

Courtside At The Barclays Center

Rih and her BFF Melissa Forde were courtside at the Barclays Center to catch the Brooklyn Nets vs. the Toronto Raptors on Friday night. In addition to judging whoever was in her direct line of vision at the moment, Rih also put her nipple ring on display with a sheer white shirt and no bra.

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4/20 Celebration

Rihanna celebrated one of her favorite holidays on April 20 ‒ no, not Easter ‒ with this lovely outfit that really highlighted her...curves, with only marijuana leaves covering up the goods.

Outtakes From Her Esquire Shoot

In February, Rih had a quick flashback to her last Esquire spread, sharing some outtakes from the set, without a top, of course.

Once Upon A Time In Brazil

We'll go out on a limb and say it was on this same trip to Brazil that Rihanna shot her Vogue cover, but she didn't leave all of the topless shoots for the magazine. There was an early preview on Instagram.

Paris Fashion Week

The main attraction was definitely not on the runways, when Rihanna showed up at Paris Fashion Week. Every single outfit she wore was a conversation piece, but none as much as the completely sheer top she wore to an after-party, minus a bra.

When Rih eventually gets cold on top, she wears see-through skirts with pink underwear (and a sweater).

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