David Banner's 'Something's Wrong' Video Shoot Postponed

Clip was to be shot at community rally, but increase in attendees led to safety issues.

CHICAGO -- The community rally and video shoot for [artist id="1215664"]David Banner[/artist]'s "Something's Wrong," originally scheduled for Tuesday (October 20), won't be happening until mid-November. According to a press release from Banner's Heal the Hood Foundation and, the event was postponed due to an increase in the anticipated number of attendees and resulting safety issues.

Despite the event's postponement, Banner was in good spirits when MTV News caught up with him in Chicago. "If we would've been doing 'Girls Gone Wild 17,' everything would've went smoothly. Honestly, nothing went wrong," Banner said. "The truth this time is that there was an overwhelming response, and it was too big."

Banner said they were only expecting 500-700 attendees, but that number quickly grew to an anticipated 2,500. He said the projection showed him that "people are sick and tired of talking, and they are read to move. They're just waiting on somebody to move them in the right direction.

"Sometime you have to make a decision that's better for the people," Banner continued. "If we would've had 2,500 hundred people, it wouldn't have had the proper security. If anything would've went wrong, they would've said, 'Look at them rappers. Look at MTV. Look at David Banner.' So I made the decision: Since we know that we have this power, and people know that we're in the position to make something move, let's push it back and organize it."

Banner planned to film the video for the remix of his song "Something's Wrong," featuring Twista, Naledge of Kidz in the Hall, Rhymefest and Scooter. Though the remix is dominated by Chicago artists, Banner said that in the original song, he wasn't just talking about the Windy City.

"Whether America wants to admit it or not -- whether you're Christian, Muslim, whether you believe in Buddhism -- whatever you believe in, we know in our spirit that right now something is not right," he said.

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