Grammy Performances: Don't Expect Foo Fighters To Dance

'I think we go on right after Chris Brown or something, and I don't want to dance after Chris Brown has been dancing,' Dave Grohl says.

LOS ANGELES -- One of the oddest moments during Sunday's 54th Grammy Awards might have nothing to do with Adele not winning everything. It could very well end up being the recently announced tribute to electronic music, a performance that will bring together David Guetta, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Deadmau5 and, uh ... Foo Fighters.

And though one of those things is most certainly not like the other, the combination just doesn't seem all that bizarre to Foos frontman Dave Grohl. He's learned firsthand that the gap between rock and electronica isn't all that wide, as he told MTV News on the red carpet at Friday night's pre-Grammy MusicCares concert.

"Well, Deadmau5 is maybe the only EDM artist I know because we did a bunch of festivals over the summer, and for whatever reason, he would be headlining over there while we were headlining over here," he said. "I guess people thought that our audiences would split, but our audiences are compatible in a way, because what he does ... rocks.

"The remix that he did for [Foos' single] 'Rope' is really good, and it's clever; it's not just some bullsh-- dance sh--," he continued. "He actually did a rearrangement ... so when we were asked to perform with him, we said OK."

And though Grohl wouldn't divulge any details of what may happen during the Foos' brief excursion into electro ("I think you have to call it 'EDM'," he pointed out), he did let us know what won't: namely, dancing of any sort.

"What do you think, I'm going to f---ing dance?" he laughed. "When we got asked to do it, I said, 'I can't do it. I can't dance.' I think we go on right after Chris Brown or something, and I don't want to dance after Chris Brown has been dancing. Nobody can dance like that guy."

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