Zayn And Sabrina Claudio Are Ready To Face The 'Rumors' On New Collab

They're done with all the 'he said, she said'

Today (October 4) is a big day for Sabrina Claudio. Not only did the Puerto Rican/Cuban songstress release her brand new album Truth Is, but the LP is jam-packed with sexy, sultry, and smooth songs that we'll be listening to on repeat until further notice. Among them is "Rumors," a flirty collaboration with Zayn that contemplates the idea of turning rumors into a real-life romance.

Claudio starts off the song by listing off a few things she heard through the grapevine. "I heard (I heard) / That you want to be closer to me," she sings. " I heard (I heard) / That you said you've seen me in your dreams." The speculation that this person is really into her only grows in the pre-chorus. "He said, she said / You like the way I smile / He said, she said / You like my confidence and style."

The chorus, however, is the first time that we get any actual insight as to whether or not these rumored feelings are reciprocated. "All these rumors spreading around /And I kinda like the way they sound," Claudio sings angelically over a groovy beat, confirming that she feels it, too. But is there any actual truth to those rumors? Zayn's silky vocals appear in the second verse to confirm the buzz, once and for all.

"He said, she said your body's a temple / And I think I pray just for the sight of you," the "Dusk Till Dawn" singer croons. "Do you think you'd let me see inside of you? / I been sinkin', let me just confide in you." Together, Claudio and Zayn sing through the rest of the track, trying to work out how they're going to turn other people's whispers into a love that can last. "All these rumors 'bout you and me / How can we make this a reality?" they wonder.

By the time the bridge comes around, it seems they've figured it out. It's time to stop contributing to all the "he said, she said" and truly figure out if they can make things work. "Know we can keep talkin' through everybody that's in this room / Or we can come face-to-face and find out if it's true," they sing. Sounds to us like we're going to need a Part 2.

Sabrina Claudio's Truth Is album is out now, and she recently embarked on a 39-date tour of the same. Tickets are available for purchase on her official website.

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