Sorry, But Drake Won’t Win Any Grammys For 'More Life'

Looks like he's still not a fan of the awards show

Drake has been nominated for a Grammy 35 times, has won three, and even has a song called “Grammys,” but apparently he doesn’t care anymore about getting “a gold trophy from the committee for validation.”

According to a report from the Associated Press — which cites a source close to the nomination process — Drake did not submit his latest album/playlist, More Life, for Grammy consideration this year. On top of that, he also reportedly ignored all individual song categories, like Song of the Year and Record of the Year, despite More Life being released within the eligibility period (October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017).

More Life was released as a “playlist” back in March, but was packaged as a regular album, debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and spawning top 10 hits like “Passionfruit” and “Portland.” Of course, there’s no Grammy for “Best Playlist,” so it’s unclear if More Life would even be eligible for an award at all (The Recording Academy did not respond to MTV News’s request for comment).

Drake’s reasoning for not submitting to the Grammys is unclear, but he’s been critical of the awards show in the past. Despite being nominated for Album of the Year in 2017 for Views, he skipped the ceremony and later ridiculed the idea that he won Best Rap Song and Best Rap/Sung Collaboration for his pop-leaning hit “Hotline Bling.”

“Even though ‘Hotline Bling’ is not a rap song, the only category they can manage to fit me in is a rap category,” he said back in February. “Maybe because I’ve rapped in the past or because I’m black, I can’t figure out why. I won two awards last night, but I don’t even want them, because it just feels weird for some reason.”

The nominations for the 2018 Grammys will be announced on November 28, and the show will take place on January 28. Expect Drake to be nowhere near the festivities.

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