Nick Jonas Steals Mark Wahlberg's Iconic Calvin Klein Pose In New Underwear Photos

Uh, hi, everyone. In case you haven't caught up with your social media feeds recently, lemme fill you in: Nick Jonas is in his underwear. Yep, that's all that matters. Yesterday, we saw the Flaunt Magazine cover (hello, abs), but that's nothing compared to what's included inside the magazine. Sure, there are shirtless photos and butt crack photos, but also included is Nick doing his best Mark Wahlberg for Calvin Klein impression. Hello.

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Calvin Klein

Mark Wahlberg

Here's Marky-Mark for CK in 1992. Is the image seared into your memory? K, good.

Here's Nick for Flaunt—if you can manage, direct your attention to the photo all the way to the right. The backwards hat, the CK underwear, the crotch grab—all the essentials are there.

It all makes sense now, actually! Nick recently told us he was channeling Marky-Mark for his role in Kingdom–guess he's incorporating the attitude into other areas of his life?

Watch out, Bieber—Nick Jonas is coming for your Calvin Klein campaign. Maybe you two should, like, just do the campaign together (shirtless)? IDK, I'm just spitballing here.

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