Fetty Wap Is Being Sued Over ‘Trap Queen’

Are you ready to live in a 'Trap Queen'–less world?

Imagine a world without “Trap Queen.”

You can’t, can you? Because what better than a radio-friendly earworm to charmingly explain the double meaning of “cooking pies” to suburban moms? And yet, a “Trap Queen”–less world may become reality, if a newly filed lawsuit over the song’s beat goes against Fetty Wep.

TMZ reports that a Danish musician named Lazar Lakic is suing Fetty and “Trap Queen” producer Tony Fadd, claiming he’s the original owner of the song’s beat. Lackic claims he bought exclusive rights to the “Hello” instrumental from Fadd in 2014. He also says Fadd contacted him in January 2015 (after the song had blown up) to try to buy the rights back, but Lakic turned the offer down. Since then, the song’s become a monster hit — it went quadruple platinum in the U.S. — and Lakic says he never saw a percentage of the earnings.

Here’s where it gets borderline crazy: Lakic reportedly wants all copies of “Trap Queen” destroyed, and wants to stop all sales of the song as well. That’s clearly a tall ask, and you can bet Fetty’s team will be fighting hard against it. The rapper’s attorney, Navarro Gray, already told TMZ that Fetty legally bought the beat from Fadd and has the paperwork to prove it. Let’s hope he’s right.

In the meantime, why not revisit “Trap Queen” while you still can?

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