7 Reasons Pocahontas Was The Most Environmentalist Disney Princess

Those other girls haven't heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon.

Snow White may have had her fun romping through the Haunted Forest with woodland creatures and whatnot, while Cinderella got some winged assistance with her dress-making and Ariel got cozy with even the slipperiest of fish. Pretty much every Disney dame had a four-legged friend or two on-hand because animated animals are just the cutest.

But our girl Pocahontas -- now, she was a true environmentalist.

Sure, the IRL story of Pocahontas was slightly (read: a lot) less optimistic than the one Disney spun in the now 20-year-old cartoon classic, but putting aside the revisionist history of the tall tale, we can see that our girl Poca was the tree-huggingest Disney Princess of them all and here's why.

Her idea of a good time was to be in nature.


Pocahontas GIF

While the other tribesmen and women were meeting en masse, Pocahontas' happy place was on top of a cliff -- which she eventually leaped off of without any bungee device, BTW -- breathing in the lush landscape while leaves swirled around her just so. So, basically, she and Mother Nature were like THIS.

Her best friends were furry and feathered.


Flit and Meeko

Her dad the Chief might've worn a set of pelts that looked an awful lot like her raccoon pal's tail (what was that about anyway?) but Pocahontas was total besties with a hummingbird and the striped-tailed scamp. And she was way closer to them than her human BF Nakoma because they just did not judge.

She didn't even need shoes.



It takes a real nature lover to run around the woods barefoot, no? Even Ariel put on some kitten heels as soon as she had feet.

She actually talked to trees.



Only the greenest thumbs have a talking Grandmother Willow tree hanging around to give sage advice, right?

The river was real to her.


Pocahontas GIF2

She and her father regarded the river (and the ultra analogous wild mountain stream) as a living creature. It was smart and steady and people could do well to learn from Mr. River, according to her pop. Meanwhile, she preferred the acoustics from her canoe way more than her peoples' beating drums.

She listened for the wind to decide her future.



When she had major life questions, she went to her tree friend first, but her runner up for wilderness-based wisdom was the wind itself. Hey, better than a Magic 8-Ball, right?

Only she would think to stop and ask a grinning bobcat why he grins.


Pocahontas Grinning Bobcat

Because everyone else would probably just run away as fast as humanly possible. But she knew every rock and tree and creature has a life, has a spirit, has a name.

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