7 Quotes That Make Us Love Lorde Even More

It's possible, guys.

You know what, guys? Every day, we over here at MTV News are like, "There's no way we could possibly love Lorde any more than we do at this current moment." And then she says or does something totally amazing and we're all like, "WE WERE WRONG! WE'D SELL OUR MOTHER FOR YOU, ELLA!"

We've arrived at another one of those moments. Lorde will be covering Billboard next week and gave a pretty awesome interview, replete with quotes that make us want to flay the skin off of our bones and gift it to her, Buffalo Bill-style. OK, not really ... the Halloween spirit overtook us there for a second.

But, still, she said some pretty awesome things. Check out those pearls below:

1. She was scared to call Kanye West


Lorde is pretty much a badass, so it's kind of a relief that she has some weaknesses -- one of which includes calling people on the phone.

"I'm the worst person ever at talking to people I don't know on the phone -- I can't even order pizza," Ella told Billboard of her trepidation calling Kanye West, who contributed to her "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay -- Part 1" soundtrack. "I would put off calling him. I'd say, it's 12:57, I'll do it at 1."

2. She's not selfish


When it came to putting together the soundtrack from "Hunger Games," Lorde didn't do what -- let's face it -- we would all do and fill it with just her favorite tunes.

"It would've been selfish for me to make ambient house music," she said. "With a film like that, everyone likes it, not just people like me."

3. She's a weirdo


We already knew Lorde was weird -- but every time she reminds us of that fact we dig her even more.

"I live in a beach town, and there are these boats that sit on land, and we would break into them," she said of her high school years. "We'd sit in them all night, doing Ouija boards and telling secrets. I remember that feeling so vividly, like, 'We are here. It's us against everything else.'"

4. She's forward-thinking


What did Lorde want to be when she grew up? Something that didn't even exist yet.

"Before I even knew how to make music I would listen to everything," she said, "and think, 'Why isn't there ... this? ... Making music was my attempt to put something in that space that I felt wasn't there."

5. She knows why teens are important


Being a teen is kind of awful for many reasons -- pimples, school, having no control over your own life -- but Lorde knows that it isn't all bad.

"I don't only listen to music by teenagers, but how you feel and respond to things at this age is really special," she said. "We're just cooler."

6. She's real with her friends


Lorde may be friends with celebs like Taylor Swift, but, for her, it's not about the fame.

"I'm drawn to people [not] for what you see of them [in the media], because that's a really small part of who they are," she said. "There's so much more to people who are in the public eye than what you see."

7. She shakes it off


Lorde has always been an outspoken dynamo -- which has meant that people don't always agree with what she has to say. Instead of sweating the haters, though, Lorde has taken a lesson from her aforementioned BFF: Now she just shakes it off.

"I had a bit of a realization last year," she said. "I was taking things people would say about me quite hard ... [So I decided] if something isn't making me happy or making me better, then it shouldn't be something that I'm thinking about. After that, everything was OK."

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