Troy Ave’s Lawyer Pleads With The Public: ‘Help Me Defend Troy’

He also addresses the security camera footage

In the aftermath of last week's shooting at a T.I. concert in New York, Troy Ave, who was shot in the leg, was arrested and charged with attempted murder and criminal possession of a weapon. As the rapper sits in the infirmary unit of Rikers Island, held without bail, his lawyer is now speaking out on his client's behalf.

"What troubles me most is the misinformation that's being sent out," Scott Leemon told Lisa Evers of New York's Fox 5 News. "The NYPD knows Troy didn't shoot himself. They know Troy didn't shoot his bodyguard [Ronald “Banga” McPhatter, who was killed]. That man died a hero. And to imply that Troy actually would hurt his lifelong friend is absolutely insane and irresponsible."

Security camera footage from the venue was released in the days following the incident, and appears to show a man who looks like Troy firing a weapon. Leemon, though, has his doubts about the video.

"It wasn't complete," he said of the footage. "You don't know what happened before. You don't know what happened after. And, more importantly, you don't know what happened outside that little frame. It's not the whole story."

To get the rest of the story, he's turning to the public, and concertgoers who were at the venue that night. They can do so by emailing with information.

“We’re going to ask anyone who was there, anyone who has any information or anyone who knows anyone who was in that VIP room that night — we have set up a special email address. We know some people have problems working and talking to NYPD. Help us. Help me defend Troy.”

A number of concerts scheduled to take place this weekend, featuring performers including Joey Bada$$, Mac Miller, YG and Vic Mensa, have been canceled or postponed as a precaution, following last week's shooting.

The next court date for the case is scheduled for June 9.