'Community': Burning Questions From The Season Premiere

They didn't Britta it up, but we still have questions about 'Repilot' and 'Introduction to Teaching.'

Human Beings! "Community" is back, and better than ever. Well, at least better than it was throughout the much maligned fourth season of the show, now that creator Dan Harmon is back in charge. But with the return of Greendale's favorite study group comes questions. Burning questions!

How The Heck Did They Get Chevy Chase Back?

This was the biggest jaw dropper from the episode, given Chevy Chase's very vocal disappearance from the show at the end of season four: He walked off set, forcing the crew to rework some of his final scenes. Even more jaw dropping, Chase had also very publically feuded with Harmon, so there was no reason to think he'd show up once Harmon returned to the show.

But there he was, in a hologram-fueled cameo in "Repilot" that seemed to be made up of new footage. So does this mean we might get to see Pierce Hawthorne back full time? We'd say no way, but then we would have lost the bet on him showing up at all, so who knows?

Is Mike Ehrmantraut The New Pierce?

By the end of "Introduction to Teaching," Mike Ehrmantraut (we're sure he has a name on "Community," and maybe even a name in real life, but he'll forever be "Breaking Bad's" Mike) is sitting in Pierce's old seat on the newly formed Save Greendale Committee. So is Mike replacing Pierce as the "old guy" character full time? Looks like he will, as Jonathan Banks (OK, fine, he does have a real name) has signed for 11 of the show's 13 episodes.

Troy and Abed Gone Forever?

There's a joke in "Repilot" about how actor Donald Glover will be leaving the show after five episodes. We're two episodes down so far, and other than some killer jokes there hasn't been a lot of focus on Glover's Troy. So are we going to get a proper send-off for one of the best couples in TV history? The answer is, yes, as the fifth episode ("Geothermal Escapism") finds Abed planning an epic going away party for Troy.


Other than a smooch here and there or a random bone on the study table, Harmon has shown a stubborn unwillingness to pair up any of the cast members romantically. But in season four, Britta and Troy dated for a good long while. Are we going to see anything more between them, or between Jeff and Annie? Given that there was literally no reference to Troy/Britta's relationship during the "gas leak year" on last night's eps, we're guessing it's a no on them. That said, we may see more Annie/Jeff flirtation before the season is out as that was more Harmon's baby.

Will Chang Have More To Do?

He's had a plotline here and there, but for the most part Ken Jeong's purpose on the show is to pop out of a cardboard box, say something weird, and leave. So will we see him Chang it up more in season four? If the line at the end of "Introduction to Teaching" where Britta suggests they need more Asian-American representation in the Save Greendale Committee, only to immediately retract her proposal when Chang's name comes up is any indication, the answer is, "No Changing way." Cardboard boxes it is.

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