Matt Damon Is Totes The Most Handsome 'Martian'

This ain't his first space rodeo, people.

Matt Damon on Mars?

Ordinarily, we'd sign up to join that terraforming trip in a heartbeat, but in Ridley Scott's "The Martian," Damon'll get left to linger solo around the red planet with scant resources and little hope of rescue after his mission gets derailed by a massive storm that separates him from his crew. Major yikes.

So, we'll opt for the cozy theater seat and large bucket of popcorn and tag along as spectators to this thrill ride, but thanks.

Here we have a first glimpse (via People) of Damon in his sporty orange space suit, and he looks no worse for the wear post-disaster, except for an expression that says something to effect of, "This. Stinks."


20th Century Fox/People

Matt Damon in Martian People

Whatever he's looking at off-picture -- whether it's the great, unconquerable beyond of the lifeless (maybe?) Marscape or simply a bead of sweat on the inside of his helmet -- it's obviously not a hopeful sight.

And we're left wondering: If no one's around to see you, do you still look good in an astronaut getup? Probably yes, but only if you're Matt Damon.

In all seriousness, though, Damon's Mark Watney is in big trouble here because, as Ridley Scott explained, no one's going to notice he's not dunzo until it's way too late -- it'll take his team two and a half months to realize they've left him back in no man's land with only 28 days worth of life supply. But, as Damon's characters are known to do, "instead of him collapsing into terror he knuckles down and actually starts to work [it] out."

As always, our money's on Matty for a grand escape. But we'll have to wait to find out for sure 'til "The Martian" hits theaters on Nov. 25.