Mysterious 5SOS Art Is Showing Up Around The World...

From Sydney to Amsterdam -- what does it mean?

5 Seconds of Summer are up to their old tricks again. First, they announced "She's Kinda Hot" with a mysterious two-hour-long live stream of a man graffitiing a brick wall. Second, they hijacked our Twitter accounts to announce the Derp Con follow-up called The New Broken Scene. And now, 5SOS art is showing up all over the world, each one seemingly representing a different song on their upcoming album, Sounds Good Feels Good. Something's up.

It all started last week when the guys tweeted out a picture of Australia with some GPS coordinates and the hashtag #CatchThatFeeling. Turns out, those coordinates led to the Annandale Hotel in Sydney, where the band played their first-ever gig.

When you get to the venue, there's some 5SOS graffiti plastered casually on the wall. It looks like it corresponds with their album-opener, "Money."



There's also a poster chilling outside the building.

And then, more graffiti started showing up. Look what's on the side of The Button Factory in Dublin. This masterpiece might be tied to the last Sounds Good Feels Good track, "Outer Space/ Carry On."



Fans found the Amsterdam artwork under a bridge near Science Center NEMO, which looks like it belongs to their unreleased track "Castaway."

good times disappearing

If you use the Blippar app and scan the graffiti, it takes you to an exclusive video from one of the dudes.

The guys just finished up a bunch of dates on their Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour earlier in September, so maybe the graffiti is a way of tagging future venues where The New Broken Scene convention will be held and where 5SOS will hang out with their fans and give a secret performance. We can only hope.

Until then, keep searching for that 5SOS art, you sleuthy sleuths.