Ed Sheeran’s Latest Tattoo Is Huge, Fairly Badass And Regal AF

It took some serious <i>courage</i> to get this ink done.

So here we are, the day after World Lion Day, amid the horrifying slaying of a beloved African creature and misreports of others, and Ed Sheeran just randomly decides to hit the tattoo studio and get some fresh ink.

Of a lion. Across his entire chest. Like some kind of Leo (even though he's an Aquarius IRL).

While it might seem tied together, it's likely just a coincidence. Ed's latest ink is actually in commemoration of last month's sold-out trio of shows of London's Wembley Stadium. As he told BBC News, the lion is a reference to the English soccer team's logo.

"It's going to hurt," he said last month. It looks like he was right.

Celeb tattoo artist Kevin Paul did the work, and Ed shouted him out on Twitter for putting up with his complaints.

But Ed didn't just get the ink then bolt. As Kevin shared on Instagram, Ed hung around with his wife and oldest son for a quick photo opp and some playtime with Legos.

And Kevin even posed with the mini puppet version of Ed from the "Sing" music video, because it had to be done.

We'll see ya when your lion's finally done, Ed.

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