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Ashlee Simpson-Wentz Makes Her Broadway Debut In 'Chicago'

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz must have had one of the busiest years of her life in 2009. Not only did she have a new baby (Bronx Mowgli Wentz, who just celebrated his first birthday two weeks ago), but she also worked on the newly revamped "Melrose Place," did a guest spot on "CSI" and got her dancing shoes back on for another run in the Broadway play "Chicago." Simpson made her Broadway debut last night, returning to the role of Roxie Hart, the showgirl whose hunger for fame and fortune leads to murder.

Simpson first stepped into the role back in 2006, when she starred in "Chicago" in London's West End (the British version of Broadway). Her reviews for that performance were quite good, and her debut at the Ambassador Theater in New York was also received warmly. She is scheduled to remain in the cast of the hit show through February 7. (With eight shows a week, it's a good thing husband Pete Wentz is currently on a break from Fall Out Boy-related business.)

When Simpson made her debut as Roxie Hart in 2006, MTV News was there to check in on her and get some feedback about her performance. "Roxie's a fun character to play," she told MTV News' Tim Kash. "For me, it wasn't like I ever wanted to have my name in the papers. It was usually like, 'Oh, no!' But I know what the feeling is. And I know what the celebrity life is like, so I tried to bring a little comedy to that." Check out the original report below, which also features input from sister Jessica and a handful of British theater enthusiasts.