'Spring Breakers'-Themed Nail Art For Badass Beach Babes

Photo: Via Pretty Nail Swag

Sorry to say this, but we're jerks. We've seen Spring Breakers before its official theater release this Friday, and we cannot stop thinking about it. Here's why: It stars good-girls-gone-bad Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens and Rachel Korine who are so desperate to get away from their college town that they'll do whatever it takes to get money to go on spring break. (And we mean anything, see: guns, ski masks.) Oddly enough, we can sort of relate because, um, it's DISMAL outside, and we're straight-up dreaming of sunny beaches, cut-off shorts, flip-flops—and a little adventure. But instead of, erm, committing crimes to get our spring break fix, we're doing the next best thing—painting our nails! From the trailers, paparazzi sightings, and movie posters, you can already tell it won't be your typical spring break movie, so sit back and relax while we explain why these manicures are the most badass (and beach ready!) manis you need to cop ASAP. Up first—a neon green and pink stiletto set that perfectly mixes together downright illegal criminal activity and SPRING BREAAKKKK!! WOOOOOOO! The gold bullet is a nice touch, too.

Spring Breakers Nail Art

Photo: Via Holy Manicures

If you look up "Florida" in the dictionary, you'll see this manicure. Actually, that's a lie, but it should be there as it's an exact representation of the entire state in a single design. This ombre sunset set with a palm tree silhouette transitions perfectly from chill beach hangs to all-night ragers.

Photo: Via Deluxe Digits

In case you didn't hear, James Franco is in this movie playing a rapper named Alien, and he looks exactly like Riff Raff, so what would be more appropriate than Riff Raff-themed nails? *looks around* Nothing.

Photo: Via Quite Polished

Selena, Ashley, Vanessa and Rachel wear (literally) nothing but bathing suits throughout the entire film, so we thought bikini nail art would be mega on-point here. Personally, we would prefer that sunglasses design without a moustache underneath, but that's just us.

Photo: Via Amphibious Rodent

We love James Franco's Alien character enough to dedicate an entire manicure to him. Also, thanks to the '90s making a giant comeback, you'll also be on trend. (You're welcome.)

Photo: Via Pixie Amor

The unicorn patch on the pink ski masks was a SUPER nice touch to the girl's badass outfits, and to show our appreciation to the costume department, we're dedicating a whole manicure to the mystical creature. It's a less obvious Spring Breakers-themed mani, but the die hard (heh) fans will certainly get the connection.

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