'Scream' Halloween Special Sneak Peek: Has Brandon James Really Returned To Lakewood?

Blood will spill all over again on October 18

Guess we're not the only ones who couldn't wait.

MTV is fast-tracking the Scream Halloween special: The thriller will air a full 13 days before the actual holiday (yasssss), on October 18. And in the just-released trailer, below, Lakewood's most beloved survivors are attempting to move on from the Season 2 murder spree committed by Kieran (rot in jail, bitch).

The biggest success story: Noah and Stavo, who are now best-selling authors. In fact, the duo's new career is bringing them (plus Emma, Brooke and Audrey) to Shallow Grove Island, where they'll research the legend of Anna Hobbs for their next book.

Anna who? Apparently, she's a Lizzie Borden-like babe who killed her entire family on Halloween. Interesting fodder for a novel, but Noah and Stavo (and eeeveryone else) get a plot twist when yet another murderer -- hellooo, this is Scream -- begins slaying people with a pair of hedge clippers.

*Cue creepy music and Brooke freaking the f*ck out*

Even worse, Ms. Duval soon gets a startlingly familiar phone call from the voice we've all come to know and love dread. And that's not the only reason to do a Brooke (aka freak the f*ck out) : At the end of the clip, someone is shown back home, checking into a local motel. But who is it? One clue: The front desk clerk warmly greets the visitor, saying, "Welcome to Lakewood, Mr. James."

Anyone else just get a chill?

Watch the trailer in its entirety, then let us know what you make of the "Mr. James" mystery. And get ready for Scream's Halloween special on Tuesday, October 18 at 9/8c!

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