Viola Davis' Daughter Won All The Feels

?I wanna be like you?

Alas, Halloween has come and gone, and we can now safely say we've seen every single amazing costume 2015 has had to offer.

From time-warped Marty McFlys to pop culture-relevant Kim Kardashians -- including one done by Kim Kardashian herself -- to creepy clowns (which are the epitome of nightmare fodder BTW), we started to wonder whether the costume game get any better?

And now, Viola Davis' daughter has proven that yes, yes it could.

In general when it comes to picking costumes, there's a draw towards becoming the hero because YAY, and celebrity kids have the pick of the costume litter. Seriously, they could be any hero, princess or animated figure their little hearts desire.

And for Viola Davis' daughter Genesis Tennon, her superhero inspiration came from the most heartwarming place of all -- her own momma.

"So.....the Elsa costume? Didn't work for her. The Pirate? A no go. So she finally said," I just want to be YOU mommy"! So... uhh....this is ME," Davis capped the too-stinkin'-presh pic.

If that doesn't warm your heart we don't know what will. Can't say we disagree with with little Gen's casting her mom as a hero, though, especially after Viola Davis' powerful Emmy acceptance speech this year that earned all the fist pumps.

If you're going to go as any sort of superhero, Viola Davis is the one to be and how great is it that that Genesis Tennon fully appreciates how truly amazing her mom is and how phenomenal moms are in general! This was definitely a Halloween win for 2015. #StayWinning, Genesis.

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