50 Cent, Tupac Collabo Track To Hit Mixtape Circuit

DJ Whoo Kid architect behind 'street virus.'

On "In Da Club," 50 Cent rhymes about wanting the fans to love him like "they love Pac," and pretty soon, everyone will get to hear a dream pairing of the two headline magnets.

A yet-to-be-titled collaboration between Queens' king of the streets and Tupac will be hitting the mixtape circuit in a couple of weeks, courtesy of DJ Whoo Kid.

"We're still working on it, trying to make it a club banger," said Whoo Kid, who was one of the first DJs to consistently feature 50 on his mixtapes and has since been DJing shows for the G-Unit. "It's the old Pac, going crazy. We're going to drop it when 50's album [Get Rich or Die Tryin'] is coming out [February 11]" (see [article id="1459547"]"50 Cent Says He's Capitalizing On Arrest, Doesn't Mind Being Bootlegged"[/article]).

Whoo Kid said on Thursday he got the unreleased Tupac vocals from Snoop Dogg and Daz and decided that his friend 50 would be the best person to rhyme with the icon.

The DJ was also behind last year's pairing of 50 and Notorious B.I.G. on "The Realest," which infiltrated airwaves after getting love underground. "It's the biggest illegal street hit ever," boasted Whoo Kid, who admitted receiving the DAT of Biggie's vocals from a thief. "All the radio stations are playing it. I know if Biggie was alive, he would do a song with 50. People loved Biggie so much, now they love 50 just the same. [I knew] the combination would make history."

Like "The Realest," Whoo Kid said that the 50 and Tupac song probably won't be cleared to be on anybody's album -- it will just be another mixtape classic for collectors to scoop up.

"That's how crazy I am," the DJ laughed, sitting in a Los Angeles studio working on a track for his upcoming album with Ludacris. "I just do street viruses. Pac and 50 is gonna be another street virus. It's sick!"

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