Here's Why Lana Del Rey Is Cutting Controversial 'Cola' From Her Live Show

'I thought it was funny at the time, and I obviously find it really sad now'

Lana Del Rey can't wait to hit the road with two of her favorite artists in 2018, Jhené Aiko and Kali Uchis, and she's thrilled about the beachy aesthetic she'll be bringing to her stage every night, too.

But there's one aspect of the show that's bumming her out, and that's why she's making a change to her setlist following the sexual assault and harassment allegations that have shocked Hollywood and the world at large in the last few weeks.

In an interview with MTV News backstage at Camp Flog Gnaw, Lana opened up about the tour — and one song that she no longer feels comfortable performing, which explains why fans won't be hearing "Cola" on her upcoming jaunt.

"When I wrote that song, I suppose I had a Harvey Weinstein/Harry Winston-type of character in mind," she says of the track off her 2012 Paradise EP, which drew some newfound attention following the Weinstein scandal. "I envisioned, like, a benevolent, diamond-bestowing-upon-starlets visual, like a Citizen Kane or something. I'm not really sure. I thought it was funny at the time, and I obviously find it really sad now. I support the women who have come forward. I think they're really brave for doing that."

Given the current climate, she doesn't think that "Cola" is a fit for her performances at the moment, and she's no longer "comfortable" singing it live. So, is it time to retire it?

"Definitely. That would be the only right thing to do."

Lana Del Rey's L.A. to the Moon Tour kicks off in Minneapolis, Minnesota on January 5, 2018. For more info, check out her poster below.

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