Shawn Mendes, Bea Miller, Hoodie Allen, Ryn Weaver, MisterWives & Jacquie Lee Share Their Weirdest Obsessions

See what MTV's Artists to Watch can't live without, and watch performances from their kickoff show!

It was night of introductions and first impressions at MTV's Artist To Watch kickoff concert at House Of Blues Sunset last night (Feb. 5), and let's just say these artists didn't leave people impressed -- they left them obsessed.



Shawn Mendes, Hoodie Allen, Ryn Weaver, Jacquie Lee, Bea Miller and MisterWives all lit up the stage at L.A.'s famed House of Blues each showing off their unique style and sound that instantly won over the crowd. Each artist, who was introduced by the night's host, Echosmith's Sydney Sierota, and Jake Miller, who made a special appearance, took the stage to showcase their talents, performing a set of songs each to an audience that was mixed with devoted fans and those there to learn and fall in love with some brand-new talent.

So now that we've found our obsessions in these emerging artists, we wanted to find out what they're obsessed with. So, to get to know them a little bit better we asked them to share one thing they just can't live it out. Here's what they had to say, in GIFs!

Check 'em out below, and watch tons of videos of Hoodie Allen, Shawn Mendes, Bea Miller, MisterWives and Jacquie Lee performing live at House Of Blues Sunset.

Shawn Mendes' True Love

MTV | Gavin Alaoen


Current Obsession: "I'm obsessed with the guitar because it's the best instrument in the world."

Jacquie Lee Can't Put Down Her Video Games

MTV | Gavin Alaoen


Current Obsession: "My obsession right now is "Nazi Zombies" because I get to shoot zombies. I've gotten to round 57, I mean it's not that good, but it's something. I play every other night when I have time."

Bea Miller Satisfies Her Cravings

MTV | Gavin Alaoen


Current Obsession: "I'm obsessed with eating. I think it's pretty clear -- isn't everyone? I mean, for real, come on, guys. I always feel really bad when I see women counting their calories! I'm like, 'Sweetie! Don't cut the things that you enjoy out of your life.' I just love food, and I'm not the type of person who can sit down and have three meals a day because I have a small stomach so I eat really small amounts every 20 minutes... Also I would die if I didn't eat food, so that's clearly important."

MisterWives Will Funk You Up

MTV | Gavin Alaoen


Current Obsession: "At the moment MisterWives are obsessed with 'Uptown Funk,' the greatest song ever, period. It's dancey, funky, horny [musical horns, people!]. It's Michael Jackson for the new millennium. How can you not be obsessed with that?

Ryn Weaver's Got A Candy Crush

MTV | Gavin Alaoen


Current Obsession: "I guess I'm always kind of obsessed with 'Candy Crush.' I get to turn my brain off. I shouldn't be playing it, but I'm on level like 800 so I delete it then get it back. It's a love/hate relationship, it's abusive, it's bad."

Hoodie Allen Represents The Hometown

MTV | Gavin Alaoen


Current Obsession: "I am obsessed with my New York sports -- specifically the Jets, the Knicks and the Yankees. Bad New York sports teams, basically."