Placebo Gets Thrown To Sharks For New Video

Placebo have just wrapped up two weeks worth of U.S dates at various radio promo shows across the country, and are planning to return to the states in February to mount a full-scale outing.

Although they're continuing to create a buzz with the song and video for "Pure Morning," the first single off Placebo's new album, "Without You I'm Nothing," the band has already finished the "Jaws" meets "Alphaville" video for its next planned single, "You Don't Care About Us".

[article id="1449349"]"It takes place in this kind of futuristic society,"[/article] frontman Brian Molko said, [article id="1449349"]"where sort of anybody who kind of strays from the norm lifestyle gets drugged and then taken in to this place where you become shark food for the pleasure of little children."[/article]

[article id="1449349"]"It's sick,"[/article] offered drummer Steve Hewitt.

[article id="1449349"]"The director is very much into totalitarian

images and things like that,"[/article] Molko continued, [article id="1449349"]"into loss of control and how the individual gets pulled into the system and eaten up."[/article]

[article id="1449349"]"It could also be a sort of very nice follow up from 'Pure Morning,'"[/article] added multi-instrumentalist Stefan Olsdal, [article id="1449349"]"with [me and Steve] being arrested [in that video], then taken to this place and then fed to the sharks."[/article]

[article id="1449349"]"We're not paranoid or anything," [28.8 RealVideo][/article] Molko said sarcastically.

Both "Pure Morning" and "You Don't Care About Us" cracked the Top 5 in the U.K., and Placebo has already received remixes from the Sneaker Pimps and former KLF guitarist Jimmy Cauty for a third single, "Every You Every Me."

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