How Lady Gaga Ended Up Waiting 5 Years To Own Shoes She Already Wore To The VMAs

Sunday (July 26), Lady Gaga shared photos of herself trying on Alexander McQueen's iconic armadillo boots. In the background? Two more pairs. Considering there were only 21 pairs of the shoes made for McQueen's Spring 2010 show, we were like...wait, what exactly is going on here?

Sure, Gaga has previous experiences wearing the shoes—she wore them in the "Bad Romance" video and to the 2010 VMAs—but this seemed more momentous than just taking shoes out of her closet to wear 'em around her terrace.

The caption was of little help, with Gaga writing, "When a gift comes to you from Heaven photo by Taylor Kinney best fiancée ever." OK, so Taylor took the photo, but, um, three pairs of #VERYRARE shoes don't just fall from the skies, so there had to be more going on.

It turns out, that though Gaga had previously worn the shoes, she didn't actually own any. Fortunately for her, three pairs were up for auction at Christie's, with the proceeds going to Unicef to benefit the Nepal relief efforts.

Gaga won all three pairs for a cool $295,000 and shared her feelings on her new possessions in a memo for V Magazine. In the memo, she touches on her relationship with McQueen, his lasting impression, and why these shoes, in particular, are so significant to her.

"These shoes are the only tangible piece I have left of our work together," she writes. We have a feeling this won't be the last time we seem them on Gaga's feet—after all, she's one of the few people in the world who can actually, y'know, walk in them.

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