'Spider-Man' Secretary Dishes On Hero's Hookups, Black Suit

Elizabeth Banks' character gets close with Peter Parker, but who wears mysterious dark costume?

Elizabeth Banks knew it was coming, and the amiable, giggly "Slither" star was still willing to oblige. But she insisted that she has to maintain her limits.

"Honestly, you're killing me with these questions," Banks laughed. "I just don't want to be the one to give anything away 'cause Lord knows I don't want to anger anyone over at 'Spider-Man 3.' "

The 31-year-old actress, like series co-stars Topher Grace and Kirsten Dunst, has found herself caught up in a public tug-of-war with journalists and fans as they clamor for tiny tidbits on one of the most anticipated films in production. With more than a year remaining until fans see "Spider-Man 3," however, the Daily Bugle secretary was willing to break a little news.

"I do definitely sort of explore a little bit more of my relationship with Peter Parker," revealed Banks, who portrays J. Jonah Jameson employee Betty Brant in the movies. "I learned my lesson a long time ago that you never comment on how big your part is going to be in movies because you can always be cut out."

Still, Banks admitted, the groundwork is being laid for a Peter-Betty relationship much like the office romance they shared in the comics. Banks discussed a list of Peter Parker paramours that will also include Mary Jane Watson (Dunst) and Gwen Stacy (Bryce Dallas Howard). "Peter Parker -- he actually is Hugh Hefner.

Images from "Spider-Man 3"

Images from "Spider-Man 2""I think everyone knows he does end up with Mary Jane Watson," Banks said. "You'll just have to wait and see in 2007."

Banks' excitement does get the better of her, however, when talk turns to the recently leaked image of a mysterious figure in a black Spider-Man costume (see [article id="1524916"]"New 'Spidey 3' Image Has Fans Tingling About Venom"[/article]). "They're really exploring the dark side of power, the power a superhero has," Banks said. "Do you use it all for good? That's the question. That's the main theme of the movie."

Pressed for a bit more, Banks would only reveal that she did see the black-suited figure walking around the set. Asked if there was any kind of white logo or trimming (which could indicate the villainous Venom rather than a new suit for Spidey), Banks dropped the bombshell that the suit is all one color: "It's black."

Banks insisted that she doesn't mind being peppered with such questions and that she's appreciative of her role in one of the most high-profile series in movie history. "It is very cool; I'm really excited for people to see it," she said. "I worked not much longer in this movie than I did on the previous two movies, so that will be an indication of how big my role is, and then we'll see what they end up with in the actual movie."

Banks, who portrayed the party girl from hell in last year's "The 40-Year-Old Virgin," did admit to one question she is sick of answering: " 'Do you like to do it yourself?' " she quoted from the movie. "People associate that line with me."

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