Are You More Like Kalabar Or Kal From Disney’s ‘Halloweentown’ Films? [Quiz]

Either way, you're gonna be evil.

It's October, which means it's "Halloweentown" month. In case you didn't know, you can watch all four of the spooky films On-Demand for free, plus plenty of other Halloween-themed DCOMs. Just FYI.

Anyway, after we learned you can actually visit Halloweentown, AND star Kimberly J. Brown will be attending the annual ceremony this year, we're kind of going into "Halloweentown" overdrive.

Both the first and second films featured iconic villains — Kalabar and Kal, respectively. The father and son duo never appeared in the same film together, but they definitely left their mark on '90s and '00s kids. Both could be charming one moment and evil the next. But despite sharing a bloodline, the two characters are distinctly different. Which of the two would YOU be?

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