Jamaican Police Apologize to Bono And Company

That's Bono there. Sure it looks like a cartoon, but it's really Bono. We swear.

Just in case you've had your head in the sand for about

two weeks, we thought we'd reassure you that Bono, Island Records founder Chris

Blackwell and Jimmy Buffett all received official apologies from the Jamaican

Government after the Jamaican gendarmes attempted to shoot down Chris

Blackwell's plane last January. The plane was carrying Blackwell, Buffett, and

Bono and his family among others. The authorities thought that the airborne

party were drug-smugglers. The incident occurred when the celebs were returning

from a Jamaican holiday at Island prexy, Chris Blackwell's sumptuous digs. The

Jamaican police department shot at their plane after mistaking them for

smugglers. The incident was cleared up, but that didn't minimize the fact that

the unwilling participants felt like they were in a Jimmy Cliff movie. Jimmy

Buffett, never someone to let an opportunity slip away, turned the mishap into

a song, that he's titled "Jamaica Mistaica.

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