Rocket From The Crypt, Creeper Lagoon, Guided By Voices Lined Up For Noise Pop Fest

Rocket From The Crypt will join Creeper Lagoon, Guided By Voices, and dozen of other acts at this year's Noise Pop Festival this month in San Francisco.

Imperial Teen, Murder City Devils, the Fastbacks, and Sensefield will also be on the roster (which so far includes 37 bands) for the annual event, which kicks off on February 23. The Flaming Lips had also been announce for the festival, but have pulled out.

The annual indie rock shindig has played host to acts like Harvey Danger, Frank Black, John Doe, Apples In Stereo, and Chixdiggit in past years.

Here's how this year's line-up shapes up so far (the schedule is subject to change):

  • 2/23 - Jimmy Eat World, Sensefield, crumb, Gardener @ Bottom of the Hill
  • 2/24 - Imperial Teen, Push Kings, Dealership, Blanket @ Bottom of the Hill
  • 2/25 - 764-HERO, Red Stars Theory, The Aislers Set, Fiver @ Bottom of the Hill
  • 2/26 - Creeper Lagoon, Grandaddy, Death Cab for Cutie, Rodriguez, Glasstown @ Great American

Music Hall

  • 2/27 - Murder City Devils, Kingdom First, Magnolia Thunderfinger, Me First @ Bottom of the Hill
  • 2/27 - Trackstar, I am Spoonbender, Thingy @ Cafe du Nard
  • 2/27 - Guided by Voices, Buelah, Snowmen, Lunchbox @ Bimbo's 365 Club
  • 2/28 - Fastbacks, Alien Crime Syndicate, Bracket, Bitesize @ Bottom of the Hill
  • 2/28 - Rocket From the Crypt, Oranger, Sixteen Deluxe, Carlos, Elevator Drops @ BIMBO'S