Want To Rap Onstage With Jake Miller? Then Listen Up

Maybe start by practicing?

By Jessica Norton

Jake Miller is retiring “Couch Girl” -- an intimate moment during his live shows where he brings a fan on stage to kick it and be serenaded. But don't you worry -- he's swapping it for an upgrade: he's give one member of the Millertary the chance to spit the lyrics to his current single “Dazed and Confused" featuring Travie McCoy.

“I'm gonna be bringing a fan on stage EVERY show on tour to rap @TravieMcCoy's verse from Dazed and Confused with me!” Jake announced on Instagram.

Nikki Kesel was the first chosen "Dazed and Confused Girl" and she KILLED IT - setting the bar pretty high for the rest of the fans heading out to the Dazed and Confused Tour this summer.

So now it's time for you to get prepped. Going on stage with Jake is #goals but not everyone can rap like Travie... Let's break down the lines so you can practice.


Alright, here's how it's going down -- you, me and your home girl/ Can get a little freaky in my hotel/ Just don't let me catch you being sneaky with your phone girl


That's a quick way to get dismissed/ Now I hope we on the same page


But that's what I love about college chicks/ I keep getting older and they stay the same age


Now turn around and let me get a peek/ Good lord, that's a miracle


But don't get too geek, feel them sheets/ That's not boyfriend material


She got a body like mhm/ And a face like ehh


I got one head saying mm-mm/ And the other one saying yeah!

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