Shacking Up: Will Jenna And Luke's Living Arrangements Turn Irreparably 'Awkward'?

Heck, the guy already has questionable bathroom hygiene

Domesticity: It’s either a dream come true or an unmitigated disaster for Jenna Hamilton -- she’s still not sure.

On tonight’s Awkward episode, Jenna and her boyfriend Luke decided to move in together after Jenna accidentally blurted out a live-in-sin proposal. Still, she didn’t immediately regret the suggestion and, for a little while, her new pad proved to be a fantasy -- especially since her parents were on board. Jenna and Luke began to finish each other’s sentences, plan romantic dinners together and decorate in tandem. Plus, as Jenna’s return to college was only a few weeks away, she didn’t have to face the gravity of poring over where the arrangement might lead.


Soon, though, things took a dark turn. Jenna began to grow suspicious of Luke when he planned nights out with Liz, his boss, and Jenna was perturbed to find Luke’s hygiene was often questionable (seriously, who keeps a bath towel behind the toilet?). The feeling, compounded by Jenna’s sudden renewed interest in Matty (he’d recently gone to bat to help Jenna babysit her new baby sister), had Jenna reconsidering her new home…especially since Luke had run out of Rocky Road.

Finally, Jenna realized her uncertainties about Luke were rooted in insecurities about his request to keep the relationship private in the workplace. So he compromised and swore he’d open up. Immediately, Jenna’s doubts dissipated.

“Matty had kept me a secret to protect his own reputation; Luke was only trying to protect me,” Jenna rationalized. “It was totally different, and I loved him for that.”

What do you think: Is Jenna right to question her new living situation, and might it kill her relationship? Or is the new tenancy harmless considering Jenna’s return to Wyckoff is just around the corner? Share your thoughts, and be sure to tune in to a brand-new Awkward episode next Tuesday at 10/9c!

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