12 Amazing Moments From The 'Hunger Games' Tribute With JLaw, Josh Hutcherson And Liam Hemsworth

Hunger Games” fans, we have good news and bad news. On the one hand, the film franchise is prepping for its swan song with the fourth and final installment, “Mockingjay: Part 2.” And even though we’re all stoked to see how the bloody battle against the Capitol plays out on the big screen, it of course means saying goodbye to one of our fave series and its beloved stars (boo!).

But you know what? Before we all hop on that emotional, action-packed roller coaster on Nov. 20, we still have a few more weeks to revel in the squad superiority of the film’s fine young leaders: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth.

All three were on hand at the Hunger Games Tribute in Los Angeles on Saturday, Oct. 31, where select fans were invited to celebrate the series in style. There, the trio joined MTV’s Josh Horowitz to reminisce about their friendships, give some much-deserved recognition to their diehard fans, and, of course, give us even more stories, moments and quotes to add to the collection of their all-time best. Here are 12 you need to know about right now:


Don’t EVER get between Jen and her spaghetti



“Hunger Games” fans, take note: Jen has revealed two very important rules to abide by, should you ever see her IRL. “If I’m at a premiere, it doesn’t matter, they can come up to me. You be you. If I’m at dinner, just don’t,” she advised, further explaining that she likes her fans, but she likes her spaghetti even more. The loophole here? “If I’m at sushi, then I’m not enjoying myself,” she said, so feel free to interrupt her in that case (and then probably offer to take her to Olive Garden at that point).

Josh basically gushed about their fans for 45 minutes straight.

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OK, not really, but close. He had the absolute sweetest things to say about “HG” devotees. Case in point: “Having the fans’ support is the only thing that gets me out of bed… it makes it all worth it.” AWWW.

Jennifer fondly remembered her infamous “If we burn, you burn with us” line.



“I remember adrenaline,” Jen said about the quote, which was voted the fans’ favorite “Hunger Games” quote. “It’s really nice being able to deliver lines that you respect. I was in my makeup trailer memorizing it and I was like, ‘Yeah! This is cool!’ […] You get the adrenaline without actually having to suffer through what your character’s suffering through.”

Josh then proceeded to mimic her delivering the line, which sounded a lot brattier and more high-pitched than Jen actually sounds. “Your voice is great,” Liam assured her, to which she replied, “Thanks. So is your face.” Truth.

Liam is a culinary master on the rise!



It kind of came out of nowhere, but Liam offered up the fun factoid that he baked his first-ever pecan pie the night before. Naturally, everyone had to give him a congratulatory round of applause as Liam reveled in the excitement: “It actually was a real pie! I followed the recipe and it worked!” he marveled. “That’s so… weird for you,” Jen said, because clearly she knows more about Liam’s domestic activities (or lack thereof) than we do. But in any case, congrats on this important culinary feat, Liam!

Jennifer likes to repeatedly kiss Josh on the forehead.

She explained that she likes to give Josh kisses to “give him energy and love,” and then she demonstrated by squishing his cheeks and kissing him over and over again. “We were coming down the elevator and she did it the entire way down,” Liam said. “Even if I [asked], she wouldn’t stop,” Josh added, firmly establishing himself as the most envied BFF in the world.

Jen adorably offered to fight old ladies who put their hands on Liam.

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After Liam was asked about the craziest thing a fan has ever done in front of him, he shared a slightly unsettling story about an 80-year-old woman at Zurich Film Festival who pinched him so hard on the arm that he had a bruise the next day. “I would’ve taken her out, I don’t care how old she is,” Jennifer said, before warning him, “Liam, if anything like that ever happens, don’t tell your security. Tell me.” Old ladies, take caution: Jen’s on to you!

Josh really, really likes the “Bad Lip Reading” videos.

He was SO PSYCHED that the “Hunger Games”-themed “Bad Lip Reading” vid won the parody award. The trio said Woody Harrelson was the first one who showed it to them, way back when. And speaking of Haymitch…

Jen once lent Woody a crop top.



“I had a party one time during ‘Catching Fire,’” she remembered. “I was just having people over and Woody was the first person to show up. He showed up in a thermal, in August. And he came in and was like, ‘Hey man, do you have anything I can wear? I’m so hot.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, of course you’re hot.’ And the only thing I had was a crop top. So he was in a crop top and then we started… chasing each other and Woody and I flipped over a couch and he shoved a sock in my throat.” Sounds kinda brutal, but squad goals are still in full effect, TBH.

Jennifer admitted that singing “just makes [her] cry,” so she’ll never listen to her “Mockingjay: Part 1” song.

“Singing is just very vulnerable,” she said. “I never like, went out to be a singer. It’s not a part of my repertoire. So I didn’t think I would ever have to do that. But I did it and it was horrible and I was scared and nervous. It was fine. I haven’t listened to it… I don’t know if I would ever listen to me singing. So I’m just not going to do it.”

Speaking of music talents (or lack thereof), Josh and Liam owned up to going through a dubstep phase a few years back.

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They called themselves The Beatmakers. No joke.

Josh and Jen had the best reactions to seeing their kissing scene.



Fans voted the “I need you” scene on the beach from “Catching Fire” as the one that gave them the “biggest feels.” When the scene played on the TV screens, Jen and Josh just squinted their eyes and watched confusingly, with the most priceless facial reactions. “I think Francis [Lawrence] was like, ‘Oh no, don’t quit, no, don’t stop,'” Jen said, further explaining that she and Josh are so close that they liked peeing in the ocean together during “Catching Fire” because it meant they got to go to the bathroom together for once. “We never like to be separated!” she said, making our Joshifer-loving hearts explode.

Sewer times are the best times.

After Josh Horowitz teased the sewer system scenes in “Mockingjay: Part 2” as some of the most “intense” in the whole series, Jen had to seize the opportunity: “Best time anyone’s ever had in a sewer,” she quipped.

And finally, when Jennifer gave the simplest but REALEST answer of all.



When asked about what makes “Hunger Games” fans different from fans of other film franchises, she didn't skip a beat. “They’re better.” Mic drop, gave over. Jen knows what’s up.

Find out more about the Hunger Games Tribute winners here. And in case you weren't lucky enough to attend, here's an awesome video recapping the event!

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