Demi Lovato 'Stay Strong': Inside 'The After Show'

MTV News was in the studio as Demi connected with fans after a stirring personal glimpse into her life.

NEW YORK — On Tuesday night, Lovatics filled MTV's Times Square studio to share the same space as singer/actress Demi Lovato, who only minutes before had let people into her world with the deeply personal MTV documentary "Stay Strong."

The "After Show," hosted by MTV News special correspondent SuChin Pak, opened up the conversation that Demi had began in the special, during which Demi noted that while she has made great strides to put her demons behind her, she is still working every day. It was a message that seemed to touch the audience. Why? Mostly because everyone is struggling with something they're hoping to put behind them as they embark on the next chapters of their lives.

Earlier in the night, the fans had gone to a special screening, where emotions ran high. Before the live "After Show" even began, fans sat patiently, waiting to share with their idol the moments from the doc that helped them most. As they chatted about the special, the countdown was on as Demi was spotted backstage putting the finishing touches on her look for the evening.

As the time arrived for the show to start, producers, fans and Lovato's family (including her mom) gathered in the studio to show her their love and support. As Demi walked into the room to her song "Give Your Heart a Break," the energy in the room exploded.

"It feels really awesome. Doing the documentary was so interesting," she shared. "I felt really vulnerable, and I still kind of do tonight. I wouldn't change it. I'm doing awesome right now. I'm living a really healthy lifestyle. It's not easy. I struggle. But each day gets easier."

During commercial breaks, Demi chatted with SuChin, shared stories and laughs with her fans and got touched up by her glam squad. She seemed really at ease and excited by the enthusiasm buzzing in the room.

One of the biggest smiles came when Sanah, the fan Demi invited onstage with her during the doc, Skyped in. "You stole the show. You are such a little super star," Demi said to her.

When an unaired scene aired, in which Demi talks about cyberbullying and tells one of her haters, "If my arms are fat, who gives a f---?" the excitement and cheers in the room were at a heightened level of support for her ability to speak out.

At the end of the day, it was all about support — not only for Demi, but also for anyone else in pain. Fans cried and shared their own personal stories, looking to Demi for advice. While the room was filled with positivity, it was also deep with emotions. When it was all over and the cameras stopped rolling, the room let out a big, well-deserved cheer for their candid hero, Demi Lovato.

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