Bad Blood: Can Cory And Zach Move On From Their 'Teen Mom OG' Beef?

Cheyenne's dealing with quite a conundrum

Cheyenne's quarantine has been "full of surprises" -- and Ryder's mom disclosed during the Teen Mom OG season premiere that there was a new (but familiar) romance in her life.

"I've dated Zach on and off for years, and we were together when Ryder was born," Chey stated, as old footage of the two of them played. "Things were pretty serious between us, but once Cory came into the picture, our relationship got complicated."

Cheyenne tried to make her romance and co-parenting work simultaneously, but ultimately it proved to be too difficult, so she split with Zach (they have known each other since she was 16).

"He went through mom and dad's divorce, we've lived together, he went through Ryder's whole pregnancy with me. He was there when Ryder came home from the hospital. He's been there for monumental days," Chey told her mom Margaret and sister R Kyle Lynn after she broke the news that they had reunited. "It's not like Zach is new to our lives."

Will history repeat itself between Cory and Zach? Times are certainly different, and Cheyenne and Cory have a routine and schedule set in place. But Cheyenne still wasn't ready to tell Cory about Zach -- at least, not until she was certain Zach could move on from his previous issues with Ryder's father.

"I don't think it's going to be as complicated as it was in the past," Zach assured Cheyenne. "I have more [of an] understanding of what you were trying to do, what your goals are now."

"Of course my goal would be that you and Cory got along," Chey told Zach. "I just think it's healthy."

Zach agreed. And when he asked if she wanted to commit, Cheyenne answered that she was a "commitment type of girl" -- as Zach burped. "Oh my God" is right, Chey!


Belching aside, can Cory and Zach bury the hatchet and start over fresh? Or will the tension resurface? Keep watching Teen Mom OG every Tuesday at 8/7c.

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