This Teen’s Song Came After Kanye's On Soundcloud -- And Now He Has A Record Deal

Meet Rory Fresco

Soundcloud has become a reliable destination to uncover new music. Largely, that's because when a song that you're listening to ends, the site auto-plays another, related song, creating and endless path of music discovery.

The algorithm that creates this course is now partially responsible for the signing of rapper Rory Fresco, who just inked a deal with Epic Records. That, and Kanye West.

According to Pigeons and Planes, when 'Ye uploaded "Real Friends" to Soundcloud in January (it's since been removed), the song that initially played right after it was Fresco's "Lowkey." In just a day, it went from 5,000 plays to 150,000.

Now, the Kansas City native has a deal out of it.

“The whole Soundcloud thing helped my record pop off, and they heard some other records,” he told the site, which confirmed the deal with Epic. “I decided to sign because I wanted to get to the next level. My plan was never to be an underground artist. I want to be the biggest in the world.”

"Lowkey" has now hit nearly 2 million plays.

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